We help people find new homes at good rates

Moving to a new place is big life event for most of us. We provide
a complete solution for safe and smooth rental facilitation.


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Why Rentumo


Access to all
available rentals

Monitor listings from hundreds of different sources in one place. Be the first to know about a new opportunity!


Faster & Easier

You will get notified as soon as something interesting for you gets published online, and you can take immediate and direct contact.


Personal Data &
Privacy is safe

All personal data of yours and all your communication is kept secure and confidential in our systems.

Benefits of renting out your property with us

Huge Network Effect

We advertise your property on all major platforms, including Facebook and Google Ads.

No Fees Or Commission

We do not charge any fees or commisions for using our platform to advertise your property.

Higher Return On Investment

Since our service is free and extremely effective for finding a good tenant fast, you save money.

Easy & Quick Process

It takes only a few minutes to get started and list your first property for rent.

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