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Edward Road, Balsall Heath, B5

Edward Road, Balsall Heath, B5

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  • 1 Bedroom

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Welcome to your new suburban oasis at Edward Road, Balsall Heath, B5! This charming 1-bedroom house offers a spacious and welcoming environment. The large backyard is perfect for outdoor gatherings, and the cozy interior provides a comfortable retreat. Located in a family-friendly neighborhood, you'll have access to parks, schools, and community amenities. Priced affordably at £ 500, this house is ideal for those seeking a peaceful suburban lifestyle. Schedule a viewing today to experience the warmth and comfort this house has to offer.

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Monthly rent
£ 500
£ 634
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£ 1,134
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Balsall Heath
£ 550/month, min. 1 bedroom

Monthly rent 500 £
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